Show Prep- aka: The Art of Seduction

Some helpful things that I like to dabble in before I bare my soul…

Green juice

So necessary. Gives me loads of energy, cleanses my cells and soul, feeds my body on the deepest level.
The best form of self-love and acceptance, is being kind to your body! I’d say green juice is the #1 thing you can put into your body, and I know my body always appreciates it.


I just need 10 minutes before I head to the venue. Calms the mind, and puts energy in the right places. Reconnects me with my body, and with the Universe.


I was a dancer growing up. Before music, dancing was my first love… Ballet, jazz, tap, modern… I did it all. I even danced at Disney Land! (insert embarrassing photos here). Anyway, I always associate the word “leaping”, and the acting of “leaping” as something very joyful, sacred, and special, thus, I try to leap as often as possible. It is a bit hard in my apartment, but I have managed. The east river is my usual outdoor destination though. My preferred leaping music is Rihanna, David Guetta, and Nicki Minaj. But mostly Rihanna.

Rique Uresti

Rique is my instructor at I hesitate to say that he is JUST my instructor in a workout class, because he has changed my life in a spectacular multitude of ways! I used to (secretly) end up crying in his classes (emotional cleansing, via sweat), but now, 5 months in, I am always, overly excited about well, almost everything, and I am quite sure Rique, and my SoulCycle community has played a big part in this!
Anyway, I took his class 4 hours before my show. BEST. DECISION. EVER.
Sidenote: my Mom loves him too, AND he plays my music in class.

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  1. bettyjeanbell May 7, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    OMG – I love this post!!!! I LOVE that this is your ritual before performing…. this is a HUGE part of what I built into The Centered Startup! Green drinks, meditation, and movement are so game changing! And I happen to be a total cycling junkie… You were right… we are totally kindred spirits! I just adore this post! …not to mention your music! xoxoxoxo

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